Nu snackar jag med min axel sötnos i telen, ska nog lägga mig och kolla på hannah montana nu! underbart haha. Vill bara påminna er om att det nu bara är 6 dagar kvar till L.winnerbäck konserten, och jag är så sjukt glad… det kommer bli grymt brudar.

lyssna bara hur underbar han är

Lasses nya låt



  1. I thank you hublmy for sharing your wisdom JJWY

  2. Dear Anthony,
    My husband and i have met you several times on Fridays in Old Town Oakland. I recently go through ”Two Months in Italy and Istria,” and enjoyed it thoroughly. The portion that resonates in particular is the July 17 entry: ”It just so happens that this journey to Rome has inspired a meditation regarding the difference concerning faith and truth.” Around some time that I browse that line, I used to be contemplating the relationship in between faith and trust. Your comment made me think of one particular of my favorite sections of ”Passing Strange,” written by Stew, which is about a musician who is usually a seeker. A friend of Stew’s advised him, ”Your musician is looking for something in life that can only be found in art.”


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